"Portrait of Christ"
by Trena Woods-WARD
Graphite PRINT

Trena was challenged to draw a portrait of Christ that
would show her love for him.  She accepted this
challenge.  After months of pondering on this, she
decided to fast and pray, and then while listening to a
sermon on the Atonement of Christ, Trena drew this
while she listened.  Her drawing hand was flying and
she drew this portrait in 20 minutes.  She said
experienced goose bumps and had tears, for she
experienced the friendship of knowing the Savior.

You can purchase this print in two sizes.  
8.5"x 11" and 14"x 18" which is almost life

ALSO, Trena has been taking some of large Prints and
painting them watercolors.  
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8" x 11"
for $15
(s/h $5)