Trena Ward Oil Painting Supply List
Click here to samples of her students artwork
Please email Trena with at least 3 different photos you would want to paint and she will discuss with you  which is the best reference photo
for you to paint from.  Also please bring a stretched 11"x 14" canvas.  When the photo you are going to paint,  you need to have it printed out in
Black & White the size of your canvas.  This way we will transfer it to your canvas by tracing.  Trena will also teach you how to maintain your  
drawing while painting.

Dress to get paint on you (Smile) I always wear a very large man's cotton dress shirt.  There are some easels to use, so if you have your own
and can bring it, please do so.

Please bring the following:
Painting what you want:
  • Bring a good reference photo where you do not need to change or alter anything
  • Bring a  black & white enlarged copy of your reference photo that is the size of your canvas.  We will then use
    tracing paper and graphite paper to trace your drawing onto your canvas.
•        Titanium White
•        Ivory Black
•        Prussian Blue
•        Raw Sienna
•        Yellow Ochre
•        Naples Yellow
•        Cadmium Yellow MEDIUM
•        Cadmium Red LIGHT
•        Alizarin Crimson
•        Burnt Sienna
•        Raw Umber
•        Burnt Umber
•        Sap Green
•        Paynes Grey

  1. Brushes:  Bristols AND soft sables  (Trena will have  some brushes if you need them and we will discuss the
    difference between bristol brushes and soft sable brushes)
  2. Palette (Trena uses wooden ones, and sometimes acrylic palettes. She will discuss what makes them useful and
    when to use them)
  3. Palette Knifes. (Trena prefer the ones that look like little trowels)
  4. PAPER TOWELS. Each time you come, bring a roll of paper towels.
  5. Bring a spiral bound note book to put handouts that will be given to you and for notes you should (Smile) take and
    a journal of all the mixed colors you will need for your painting.

I am looking forward to sharing with you all that I have learned from the great masters of our time in oil painting.
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