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All Art lessons take place in my private studio in
Springdale Arkansas.

Oil Painting  $25 per session
  • Monday: Full
  • Tuesday:  Full
  • Wednesday AM: Full
  • Wednesday PM: 5:30/6pm to 9pm
  • Thursday AM:  10 to 12:30pm
  • Thursday PM:  6pm to 9pm

Critic Session $35 an hour
(You bring in your paintings and a note pad and we will
discuss what I have learned to enhance your painting.)
Below are paintings from my
Beginning Students
Oil Painting Classes:
Beginners and intermediates learn
the Oil Painting Techniques of
Rembrandt and Leonardo Da

Trena paints and teaches how the
Old Masters painted.  Composition,
Balance, Mixing Colors, Warm &
Cool, and a stress on Values.  

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for this class.