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1.  Fill out my Request Information Form

Please fill this out fully, checking off that which most interest you.

I will contact you to further determine your needs and thoughts regarding a portrait through email, or
phone calls.  Depending on location considerations and your availability, we might even meet at my
2.  The Commissioning Agreement

My Commission Agreement sets forth the details and conditions of our project and the amount of
deposit.  We will go over this together.
3.  The Sittings and Preparation

Before our first meeting we will have discussed what sort of portrait you are wanting, what kind of
emotions and feeling to portray.  We will know by then what clothing will be worn, etc.  We then will
meet for a photo session.  With the way technology is today will go through the photos and choose
the one to be painted.  If the portrait is to be from old photos, I will need the one you want painted
along with others of the person so I can get a 'feel' for their personality.  From all of this I can mass a
considerable body of reference material for later development back in my studio.  Once I work of a
concept I will email you a proof that you will say for me to start painting.
4.  Studio Work

This is my intense studio working time.  You are welcome to come and see the process of the
painting, or have me text you updates on the painting.  Usually this will take about two to four
months, depending on how many are in the portrait and the details of the background.
5.  The Completion

Once I get the painting to a state where I am almost finished, you will need to see it to help me see
where colors need adjusting.  This can be done by I bringing the painting to you, or you coming to
my studio.

After all the finishing touches are complete, the painting is now ready for your receiving it and taking
it home or I delivering it to you or your framer. /  © 2010 Trena Ward  / E-mail: