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After the dream (See Bio) Trena Ward had of the Elderly Native
American Man giving her the hides with c
harcoal drawings on, she
started her Native American paintings.

One time she traveled to a Mountain Man Rendezvous which was held
on Antelope Island in Utah.  Once she was there, she got out of her
packed van and couldn't start unpacking.  She kept pacing around her
van trying to figure out why she was hesitate to unpack.  Just then an
Elderly Native American Man walked over to her.  He asked her what she
was doing.  She told him about her dream and then showed her some of
her charcoal drawings.  

He quietly listened and then said told her that in all the old photos of
Native Americans you notice there is a 'blank' look in their eyes.  He told
her that they believed that the camera had the ability to steal some of
their spirit.  To prevent this, the person would go into a trance like state
so the photo could be taken.  He then told Trena that she had been give
the gift to put spirit back into their likeness.

He then did 'ceremony' around Trena's pack van.  Once finished he
came over and hugged her and told her that his ancestor welcome her
to this sacred island and that she was under their protection.

Trena was very successful that weekend with her Native American
Portraits, and the portraits she drew on the Island.  A few years later
Trena legally found out that two of her 2nd Great Grandmothers were

Working on Buckskin is very difficult.  Once the pours of the skin have
been filled with charcoal or pastel, it is stained and no other color can be
applied over it.  So Trena can not make any mistakes when working on
the buckskin.  With the pastel on buckskin, she has to choose just the
right colors and lay them besides each other.  Once again, Trena has to
choose the right colors to use on her pastel paintings on Buckskin.  She
then treats the hide so that the painting will not smear of come off in the

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