Trena Ward:  Artist
:: Trena Ward's Bio ::
Trena Woods-WARD  is an Award Winning Multi-Medium Portrait Artist working in oils,
pastels, charcoal, and watercolors. She has taken private and professional Art lessons
all of her life and has a 'gift' to capture a likeness as well as the spirit of her subject.

She started painting portraits after she turned forty, and found a studio to practice her art
where a live model was provided. This new world offered her a place where she was
able to associate with professional and serious Artists who wanted a  place to just relax
with their art. In this environment, her 'gift' of capturing a likeness suddenly showed itself.
It was as if God said, "Finally we have her where we want her!" and she blossomed
quickly. She would tell you from that time on was when her life really started.
One weekend some artist friends of hers wanted to know if she wanted to go to a
Mountain Man Rendezvous to draw people.  She had no idea what that was. They told
her not to worry and just to enjoy herself, because there would be  plenty of interesting'
faces for her to draw.

They were right. This is what Trena has to say about this event:   "I had no idea what to
expect, but when I walked into that area, I was home!   Everything around me was
pre-1850.  The housing, clothing, cooking, etc.   I was thrilled. I drew and drew and
people were buying my drawings as soon as I finished one.  We were asked to leave
because I wasn't in period clothing and my supplies weren't pre-1850. This was in
September. I spent all winter trying to find how to be a part of the rendezvous'. I had to
be.  But what could I do? I pondered this, and then I prayed about it.   

"One night I had a dream of an elderly Native American man walking towards me. He
was carrying rolled up animal hides. When he came directly in front of me, he squatted
down and began unrolling the skins.  On each hide were charcoal drawings.   With
reverence he showed me all the stories that were displayed before us. He then rolled
them up and gifted them to me. I awoke feeling this was a 'power' dream and I needed
to pay attention, so the next day I found a tannery two miles from where I lived and I
purchased hides. Then using different types of charcoal I began drawing better than I
ever had. The following week I went to the first rendezvous of the year being held during
Easter.   My first day there I sat in the snow on a wool blanket and earned $500 drawing
portraits of the tourist and Mountain Men on scraps of buckskin.

Since then, I have drawn over thousands of portraits. I truly believe that I have been
blessed for a reason with this gift to be an Artist and I am very grateful and try hard to
share it with others." /  © 2010 Trena Ward  / E-mail: