Trena Ward: Youth Drawing & Oil Painting Class
Monday afternoons Trena is offering to teach youth 12
years and older.  This is not a craft class but Trena will be
teaching serious Old Master's techniques.  Your child will
learn and find that time flies fast while in class.

This class is for Youth who are serious about learning to
be a better artist.

Please send email if your child is interested and Trena will
get back with you about supplies needed.  Trena will have
supplies on hand to introduce new methods of drawing
and painting.

When they first come to class, please have Youth to bring
samples of their drawings and paintings so Trena can get
an idea of what it is your child needs to learn to become a
better Artist.

Fee for class is four lessons for $80.  Child can start
anytime during the month and then pay $20 to prorate to
the end of the month.
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